Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Motivation vs. Mr. Will Power

Oh Mr. Will Power how you and I do not get a long.  If you are anything like me the term "will power" doesn't fit nicely in your vocabulary.  There is always a million other things you can think of doing than getting to the gym or doing some cardio.  My solution: kick him out the window and find a motivator.  As crazy as it may sound my motivator is an actual person. He's at the gym almost every morning at 4:30 AM and I am extremely attracted to him.  Some people may be like "stalk much" but he's my motivator to get me to the gym at the only time in the day that I truly have time to go.  When my alarm goes off in the morning, I really would like to press the snooze button but then I think "Gym boy would be so disappointed in me" haha so I jump out of bed and put my workout clothes on and go.  It's whatever works for you.  If you go to the gym at the same time everyday there will be the same people there and you can use them as a motivator.  Form a secret competition with one of these consistent goers and try to out do them.  Trust me it works! It's better than relying on Mr. Will Power to show up because that dude is as flaky as they come.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is my Arms and Abs day.  I do a mix of free weights and machines for Arms and only do free style abs.  I start my routine with at least a 6 minute warm up on the treadmill.  This equates to about a half a mile.  I start at a speed of 4.3 and do that for a complete song.  The next song I increase my speed to 7.3 and finish the song.  I do not recommend everyone do these speeds. I have worked up to this over the past year and half.  You want a good speed walk to start off with and then on the next song you want a comfortable run or jog.  The goal is to get your heart rate up and ready for your workout.  After my warm up I switch up doing abs first or arms first depending on my energy level.  Today I started with Arms because I knew I wasn't quite up to doing push ups yet (I work push ups into my ab routine). 

I do 3-4 sets of 8-12 reps.  If you aren't that experienced with weights I would definitely start with the lower end of the spectrum or do whatever is comfortable for you everyone is different.  You may only be comfortable with 1 set of whatever feels most comfortable for you!  Also, maxing out your weight is not what you want to do...for me what works is high reps and low weight.  Just because it feels too light doesn't mean its going to feel that way into your third set.  You can always increase as you go.  Do whatever works best for you! Form is key- injuries are not worth it!
1.)Lat Pulls - this is the machine that has the overhead bar.  You sit at it pulling the bar down in front of you and into your chest slightly leaning a little back so that you shoulder blades engage.  This works your arms and your back simultaneously.
2.)Lat Drops- same machine but standing up.  With your knees bent slightly, pull the bar down in front of you slowly and controlled back up. 
3.) Rows- this is the low row machine where you hold the handle and your feet are propped up in front of you.  Its important to hold the handle at the top of the grip with your thumbs almost resting on top. Pull this into your chest engaging your back.  DON'T ACTUALLY ROW (move your body forward and backwards) keep your back aligned and pull the handle to you.
4.)The rope-  This gadget has a bulb and has two thick pieces of rope hanging down from it with knots on each end. This was always very intimidating for me but if done correctly can be very engaging.  Stand in front of it with knees slightly bent.  Pull down and once you reach the bottom push the tops of your wrists inward making the ends of the rope go outward.  Control your return to start position.
5.)One armed rope- Same thing but hold rope together with hand and pull straight down not letting your arm go completely back to the starting position.  **This may be a little harder to do since its not a muscle you engage regularly.  Start light, I am still at the lowest weight!
6.)Shrugs-  Using free weights- 5-15 lbs. Stand straight and let arms hang by your sides.  Bring one shoulder up without bending your arms or sides.  This works your shoulders and you will feel this tomorrow.  Repeat on opposite shoulder.
7.)Upright Row- With a weighted bar, stand with knees slightly bent, hold the bar shoulder length apart.  Bring bar up making your arms even with your shoulders.  Make sure your elbows don't go up past your shoulders- you can pinch a nerve=NOT FUN!
8.)Curls- sitting on a bench, place one arm behind your back and place your elbow up against the inside of your knee curling the bar bell up into your arm.  Do one set and repeat on other side.  Make sure you use only your arm to get that bar bell up and not your leg.

I will go into my ab routine on Friday and will combine my push ups in there as well.  I plan on running this afternoon and cooking dinner tonight for myself.  I will give running/cardio advice on another blog...gotta keep ya interested ;) But for now this is what I am eating today as well as my recipe for my Monster Healthy Omelet.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
Breakfast: woke up late so had to grab something on the go.  My go to breakfast on the run: Smuckers Uncrustables whole wheat peanut butter and honey.  Low in sugar, whole wheat and only 210 calories.  Find them in the freezer aisle of the grocery store.
Snack:  Yo Crunch Greek parfait - blueberry
Lunch:  Left over beef noodle soup from Thai cuisine (about 1 cup) and a salad (Butter lettuce mix, light Italian (2tbsps), cucumber, and carrots)
Snack:  Carrots with light ranch (recommend lighthouse light ranch in produce section at target...lower in calories and tastes like the real thing.. I don't touch that fat free nastiness!)
Dinner:  Chicken breast with a rub someone gave me, with roasted green beans (recipes to come tomorrow)

Danni's Monster Omelet
1/2 cup of eggbeaters original
1/2 tsp of olive oil
grilled tri color peppers (frozen section at target)
green onions (to taste)
Portabello Mushrooms
Sundried Tomatoes (Giada's)
Deli Turkey
Roasted Minced Garlic
Shredded Pepperjack Cheese
Sriracha, salt and pepper

Heat Skillet with olive oil to medium heat.  Once hot place all vegetables and turkey (except the garlic and green onions) into the skillet.  Saute into all vegetables are soft (about 5 minutes).  Add your garlic and saute for one more minute.  Add your egg beaters over veggie meat mixture.  Add your seasonings of choice; I use sriracha, salt and pepper.  Using a spatula lift up sides of egg and let egg beaters fill the skillet. Keep doing this until the egg is well set (about 5 minutes).  Add your cheese and with the spatula flip one side over to the other.  Folding it in half.  If it tears or messes up just make it a scramble, happens to me all the time and tastes the same.  Let cook a minute longer, flipping it over and cooking another minute.  Place on plate and garnish with green onions.  Walla breakfast in about 15 minutes.  

Hope this was helpful! Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  Love your faces!
PS Thanks ALLI for the heads up and corrections!!!

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