Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pushing Myself to the Limits and Still Going Just a Few More Steps!

I have started my Black Powder and Protein Shake Experiment.  So far so good! I am more motivated during my workouts from the Black Powder...well I think, it could be all mental...but, whatever works! I'm steadily increasing my weights and my reps/sets. I am ready to see definition in my arms and not have to worry about "the fat arm" in pictures! (Ladies I know you all know what I am talking about haha)  The protein shake this morning kept me full and I really wasn't ready for a snack around 11 AM.  But I made myself eat anyway.  I am trying to practice eating my food slowly and truly enjoying every bite.  No one is taking my food from me, I do not need to eat like someone is!

Today, I worked on Abs, Arms, and Cardio.  My cardio was so awful because even though I said I was going to stay away from sweets...Yea...I didn't! This is ridiculous! But I am sorry when someone makes brownies that have toffee and a layer of gooey fudge running throughout it's core can I say no! That's like dangling your leg in the pit of the lion's den!  I do have a great deal of self control but sometimes I just have to give in! I don't OVER indulge, thank goodness.  I do need to start bringing healthy options with me so when temptation comes knockin, I can roundhouse kick it in the face!
Anyway got off on a little tangent! When I eat sweets, I feel like a smoker when I run and this morning my body was pissed at the brownies! I finished and ran the whole time but definitely pushed myself to the end! When I run and my side starts cramping I try to focus on holding my abs in... this actually distracts me a bit from the discomfort so I am able to push myself to the end.  I am at 9'18'' mile and my new goal is to get to an 8' mile! I can do this!

Here is a look at my ab routine:
3 sets of planks (Regular and side bridges)
Standard Crunches
Seated Crunches
Vertical Knee Raises
Hand to Leg Crunch with weight **I do opposite leg...the guy in the video does same leg... It's up to you.

I do sets of 25 and up to a measly minute...but I have worked hard to get to a minute on planks and am steadily increasing my time. 
Food Journal for today:
Pre-Workout: Black Powder mixed with 8 oz of water
Post- Workout/Breakfast:  Double Chocolate Protein Powder (1 heaping scoop) blended with Organic 2% Milk (Archer Farms from Target **It will change your life and it is worth the few extra calories!!!) and Ice
Snack: Little less than 1/4 cup Mixed nuts and cranberries and 100 calorie Breakstone's Cottage Doubles -Strawberry
Lunch:  Left-over Light Blackened Chicken Alfredo with Wheat Penne. Petite Side Caesar Salad made with Yogurt  Dessert: Coconut Milk 80 calorie fudge bar ( I try to keep my sweets under 9g sugar and keep them all natural and healthy)
Dinner:  Grilled Chicken and Roasted Green Beans with lemon and garlic

Recipe:  Semi-homemade Blackened Chicken Alfredo (Light) with Caesar Salad made from Yogurt
Wheat Penne (about 2 cups)
Classico Light Asiago Romano Alfredo
Minced Roasted Garlic
Blackening Seasoning
Onion Powder
Green Onions
Chicken breast (cut into bite sized cubes)

Boil pasta in salted water for about 8-10 minutes (until aldente)
Season cubed chicken breast with blackening seasoning and onion powder
Saute seasoned chicken breast in pan with a touch of olive oil until cooked through
Add garlic and saute a little while longer
Add Alfredo sauce (put a little water in jar, replace lid, and shake pouring contents into pan)
Cook on medium-low for 10-15 minutes
Serve over wheat penne and top with chopped green onions

The Caesar dressing is actually store bought, I get it from Fresh Market in the produce section.  It's so good! I do have a few recipes for yogurt caesar dressing I have been meaning to try but on this night I was starving and needed something fast! I mix about 2 tbsps with romaine lettuce and caesar rye croutons.
ENJOY! (Took me about 20 minutes to cook and prep everything and I ate on it 5 times!!)

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