Friday, June 8, 2012

Strange foods and Zumba, this month is getting real!!

It has been a nasty week here in Louisiana.  Raining everyday and the result I have zero energy! That's right I'm one of those people that blame how I feel on the weather...look someone or something has to be the blame! Well, BECAUSE OF THE WEATHER, I have had some pretty mediocre workouts and this morning was no different.  I shot out of bed put on my workout clothes and went to the gym.  As soon as I stepped on the treadmill I wanted to press stop and go home (or throw myself on the floor and throw a tantrum...not sure which feeling was stronger haha).  I suffered through my workout anyway but didn't do cardio.  Thought about it and that was the extent of it.  I have days like this sometimes so I will just chalk it up to "One of those days."  Hopefully this weather will clear up and my energy will come back in full swing!

My meals have been pretty clean with the occasional eating out with a friend.  Here lately I have been craving plain Greek yogurt with honey like everyday.  Not a bad craving if I do say so myself! My breakfasts have been consisting of eggs (I use egg beaters) scrambled with bell peppers, onions, garlic, sprinkle of pepper jack cheese and whatever meat I have available if any.   Along side it I eat about 3/4 cup of original nonfat Greek yogurt with local honey. I did go to the store and purchase coconut oil that I have been cooking my eggs in.  SO GOOD! I also have been topping both my yogurt and my egg scramble with chia seeds and flax seeds.  Gives a little extra texture and adds tons of fiber! BONUS!  I will be trying some new recipes using these and some other new items I have been wanting to try.  I'll be using recipes from She has a great deal of recipes on there and also fitness tips.  Here is a pic of what my breakfasts have been looking like (sorry the pic isn't that pretty!)
Also, found a new product that you all will not regret trying.  It's a snack bar called, "Kind Bar."I tried the Vanilla Blueberry Cashew....Will change your life.  It comes in at 180 calories and have all natural ingredients!  This was a great snack around 3:30 when my lunch has been metabolized and I'm feeling sort of hungry again.  It gave me enough energy to finish my work day and get through my hour cardio routine.  This will be a staple in my diet until I get tired of it!
I have been getting a great deal of comments from readers asking about how I manage to keep my portion controls in check.  I too have problems wanting more of something sometimes.  What I have found works is portion out what you want to eat whether it is peanut butter, ice cream, pasta, etc.  If you aren't sure of the correct portion read the label.  Now with peanut butter the portion is usually 2 tablespoons; however I never personally eat 2 tablespoons at once (not that there is anything wrong with that but I like variety I need some peanut butter with apples or bananas or bread and jelly haha).  I usually will portion out how ever much I want and put the lid back on it or zip the bag and put it back.  Once it's put away I am not going to get it back out.  Just too lazy I guess ;)  I cannot stress enough for you to be patient with yourself.  I know we are hardest on ourselves but the truth is you wouldn't treat your friends how you treat yourself.  So be sweet to you and be patient with yourself.  You are on the health journey for YOU and no one else!

I will be starting up some new cardio tomorrow and on Tuesdays and Thursdays next week! HELLO ZUMBA by my favorite fitness instructor Alli! So excited! I will be doing a 2 hour fitness class tomorrow.  This consists of an hour and a half of Zumba and the last 30 minutes is a core workout! Words cannot explain how nervous and excited I am about this.  Then I will be doing Zumba with Alli during the week! I am so burnt out with running and doing machines for cardio time to shake my hips and burns some fat! Updates coming soon!

Hope you all are having a great June! Keep up the good work, see you all next week! LOVE YOUR FACES!

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