Friday, June 1, 2012

Needing a little assistance sitting down!

Happy June 1st! It's a new month and it's time to work on new goals, new workouts, and continuing steps to a better body!
My workouts have been excellent this past week! I am really excited about my progress and increase in reps and weight that I am able to lift. I am, however, definitely feeling those increases.  As a result of me going up a level in weights during my leg workouts I can barely sit without assistance.  It has been rough my friends, let me tell you! So I decided to do some research on ways I can recover my muscles faster.  When your legs already feel like they are going to break off and then you have to turn around and do legs again, it's the best and worst feeling in the world.  I know my muscles are ripping and trying to heal, making them bigger and more defined but that still doesn't help the soreness.  Well, after searching the worldwide web, I found that most research pointed to cherries.  Cherries in any form whether they be dried, juiced, or fresh.  A great deal of athletes will drink a cup of tart cherry juice before there workouts and it has been found that this "magical fruit" can help with inflammation and muscle recovery.  Well, I marched my sore self down to fresh market and picked up a nut mix with dried cherries and some Organic Tart Cherry juice.  The only ingredient the juice contains is organic cherries so it's not that sweet but it's so satisfying.  Although I am still sore, I have noticed I am not walking funny anymore.  Haha.

Hot Mama pickle not so hot!

Also, some new information I found that deeply disturbed me:  I was craving a pickle all day yesterday...not sure why but I knew I just had to have one.  So the first thing I think of is one of those bagged pickles at the gas station.  I went after work to pick one up and brought it home.  When I was ready for it I took it out the fridge and did what I have conditioned myself to do and read the label.  My friends!!!! Ok...there are 0 calories and 0 fat in this pickle ...but then you continue reading... 540 mg of sodium (not the worst but not the best and this is a craving after all right?) Then you go back up to the serving size.  There are 9 servings in this pickle! For real?! Like I am going to buy a pickle and cut it up into 9 pieces! Well then you do the math, go ahead, you already know it's going to be ridiculous! 540mg x 9 servings = a whopping 4,860 mg of sodium in this one pickle which is suppose to be a snack product! That's more sodium than you are suppose to have in 2-3 days!! Needless to say I have not eaten the pickle I needed so badly...just couldn't do it!

I do have some new things that I am adding to the shopping list to start incorporating into my diet:
Nutritional Yeast
Coconut Oil (use instead of olive oil)
Organic Stevia (all natural sweetener, GOODBYE SPLENDA)
Xanthan Gum (thickener for puddings, sauces, etc)
Kale (mix in omelets and smoothies)
Chia Seeds (new weird craze...still need to do some research on this)
Flax Seed (helps with metabolism)

I'll be trying out different recipes and posting in the future. 

Random thought:  The people that are friends with me on facebook probably have already read my status about this but I cannot stress enough how much exercise has completely changed my life.  Growing up I had little to no confidence.  Even though I was a social butterfly, I could not talk to boys.  If I was attracted to them they were out of reach so I never could get up the courage to talk to them as more than a friend.  But now I have lost weight and found a confidence that I never thought I would possess. I have been able to talk to Starbuck's boy and Gym boy and have developed great friendships with them because of it! I am really so proud of myself!  I could never go back to being where I was.  Thank you everyone one for the steady reads and never ending support I love you all!

P.S.- Here is a new goal picture for you all for June 2012!! Operation Fight Cellulite, let's get this!!

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  1. I've heard a lot about tart cherry juice, and I've bought it before. Also, chia seeds are neat. I'd throw them in a smoothie or on a salad...they're tiny.